Teaming expertise with sensitivity and respect.

Meet a group of animal lovers who’ve trained for years in medicine and surgery.
This team works with an innate sense of empathy and dedication needed to treat your precious animal companion.

The Crown Vet team is led by an international Clinical Director and a Head Nurse who are united by their attention to detail and commitment to animals

Dr. Billie Jo Chambers

Experience: Graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London University and a member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Experience working in the UK for over 7 years.

Animals worked with: Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pig.

Favourite memory: My mind is a collage of all the amazing patients that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years and their owners! I hope to add to their memories in Mumbai.

Most challenging experience: My most challenging experience has to be when I worked in a neutering clinic in the Bahamas. This sounds exotic but there were so many homeless dogs. The locals really appreciated all the work the team did and so did the dogs!

Why I love doing this: I love the multifaceted nature of veterinary work. The days are ever changing and there is never a normal day. I enjoy meeting new patients, promoting animal health education, performing surgeries and consulting.

Dr. Aakash Vedpathak

Experience: Master of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology (Bombay Veterinary College). Over 4 years of animal healthcare across Maharashtra

Animals worked with: Dogs, cats, horses, livestock, reptiles and wildlife.

Favourite memory: When we refused to give up on a puppy who suffered spine damage and was advised euthanasia - after several months of treatment, he was walking and the memory of his wagging tail brings a big smile to my face and reminds me why I do
what I do!

Most challenging experience: The first time I was the on-call surgeon during the night
shift at an emergency facility, I faced three emergency surgeries, a wound closure, several accident patients, a bloated goat and a few critical patients. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, but I loved it!

Why I love doing this: I have always been fascinated by animals, birds, reptiles and insects. When I had my first pet dog as a young child, I experienced the unconditional love of a pet. Being able to help serve and treat these animals gives me great joy and satisfaction. Their wagging tails, friendly licks and joyous purrs are what motivates me to keep on striving to provide them with the best possible care.


Experience: Master of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology (Bombay Veterinary College). Over 3 years of experience in various private institutions in Maharashtra.

Animals worked with: Companion and farm animals.

Favourite memory: When I performed my first cystotomy on an old dog, who recovered with no complications.

Most challenging experience: A complicated delivery in a cow, wherein the calf could have lost its life but was born safely.

Why I love doing this: I have always dreamed of being a veterinarian and helping animals. It gives me immense satisfaction to treat and watch them get back to good health.


Experience: Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (Shri Venkateshwara Veterinary University). Teaching and performing standard surgical techniques for vets in and across the globe for over a year now.

Animals worked with: Dogs and cats.

Favourite memory: Treating an unvaccinated 40-day-old Rottweiler for Parvo-viral infection and helping it recover.

Most challenging experience: The most difficult case was operating on a ruptured urinary bladder, assisting with anaesthesia on a 8-week-old Labrador undergoing intra medullary pinning and the emergency midnight surgical case of gastric dilatation and volvulus on a Great Dane.

Why I love doing this: Veterinary medicine is more of a passion than a profession. I like being able to protect animal rights and take care of them.

Sheroy Wadia

Experience: 15 years of working in management, sales, and marketing, primarily in
start ups. An entrepreneurial head driven by a compulsive need to build meaningful, long lasting businesses that hopefully stand the test of time.

Favourite Crown Vet memory: It’s hard to imagine that this facility and the eventual business, stemmed off a simple conversation over lunch. A file with some details about the business was handed over, and a task to see if this business made sense. The idea was so uncomplicated, and so simple, I spent the first few weeks trying hard to understand why it had not been implemented already.

Birth of a good business idea, backed by the commitment to see it established, all over a great slice of pizza.

Most challenging experience: Getting the first facility up and running. The doubts,
anguish and eventual triumphs that went into getting the first facility up and running.

Why I love doing this: To be able to see this business grow over time, and to build a reputation of being the foremost provider of care for pets in our city, is a goal worth achieving. Working with exceptional doctors and a team of good people, focused on moving Crown Vet forward, hard to ask for anything more.