A paradigm-shifting
array of veterinary services in India.

Be it dogs or cats, we’re at hand to help you, and your beloved companion,
get healthy again and stay healthy for a long time.

From emergency care and high-tech diagnosis to planned surgeries and preventative care,
we offer a complete range of medical services and treatment under one roof.

During consultations Crown Vet doctors not only diagnose and treat your ailing pet but also provide holistic advice on health care, nutrition and various other aspects for your pet
to live a full and healthy life.

We offer next-day appointments for major surgeries and advance appointments up to two weeks for routine surgeries like neutering, dental or other electives. We are fully equipped on-site to complete all pre-surgery testing and routine anaesthetic surgeries on a next day basis.

From the time your pet walks in to the time of discharge, a member of our staff will accompany it to keep it calm and help the surgery go off smoothly.

Pre/Post-surgical Inpatient care.

Prior to a major surgery, pets check in at Crown Vet. Our facility is equipped with generously sized kennels and cages for a comfortable stay.

Post surgeries during recovery, all patients are monitored by a resident veterinarian.

Crown Vet is equipped with the latest in radiology (X-ray) and ultrasound machines.

Our in-house pathology lab is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment. During blood or urine testing, our trained technicians ensure that every procedure is done with minimum fuss and maximum care for your pet’s comfort.

Crown Vet offers dental services in a dedicated dental suite. We encourage you to schedule regular dental check-ups for your pet to avoid oral diseases as simple as halitosis (bad breath) to complicated ones like gingivitis, tartar formation, periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Be it losing weight or surgery to avoid a future complication, preventative health care is a global practice now available for your pet in India.

We conduct a full evaluation and consultation before devising a plan that is most suitable for your pet, you and your daily schedule. These plans allow our doctors to routinely examine patients for signs of illness.

Skin diseases, infections, parasites, itching and hair loss can drastically reduce the quality of life of the pet and is also frustrating for the owner.

We offer a full suite of dermatology services (preventative and curative) for cats and dogs, as well as out-patient treatment for intensive care when necessary.

We encourage you to consult with our in-house doctors so you can provide your pet with a correct and balanced diet, no matter its age.

For your convenience as well as to ensure continuous care, Crown Vet also has an in-house pharmacy, with medication, nutritional supplements, grooming items and other healthcare products.