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Introduction to Crown Vet

Crown Veterinary Services Pvt. Ltd. was started in April 2016 in Mahalaxmi Mumbai. Within 2 years the company grew to 4 clinics with a presence in both Mumbai and Pune. The company is promoted by Pratapsinh Gaekwad.

Our goal is to deliver quality veterinary care that is systematic in its approach, backed by world class infrastructure and well trained passionate veterinarians.

Why Join Crown Vet

At Crown Vet every veterinary professional has a chance to excel and grow to eventually lead one’s own Crown Vet clinic. We want to provide a platform where veterinarians are exposed to best practice standards and are trained in delivering quality medical care to pet animals.

Crown Vet is a customer focused organization. We provide a one stop solution to pet owners. Patients can be hospitalized in our veterinary centres and round the clock care can be given to them. Our clinics enable vets to treat patients on an ongoing basis, and provide sufficient time and resources to discuss and execute proper medical plans.

Crown Vet Training Academy

Working at Crown Vet also means the opportunity to be a part of our one of a kind training program. The Crown Vet training program for new joinees is an amazing opportunity for a vet to be trained by quality medical professionals in the practical aspects of veterinary medicine. The program is developed by a leading veterinary services company in the UK. It is delivered by expat veterinarians in a highly intensive format (1 trainer for 4 trainees) right here in India.

Veterinarians are taken offsite for a 5 week period and trained in Crown Vet protocols as well as the basics of veterinary medicine required for every veterinarian to be successful in their career.

Topics include:

  • Routine Surgery
  • Conducting Thorough Examinations
  • Critical thinking
  • Routine Diagnostics (Pathology and X-Ray)
  • Dentistry
  • In-Patient care and Animal Handling

Post the training program, candidates are then placed in a structured mentoring program where they have a chance to work with existing vets in a clinical environment. This helps them understand how Crown Vet clinics are run and the procedures and practices that we follow in order to deliver the best standard of veterinary care in the country.

Ultimately, Crown Vet is leading the way in helping veterinarians achieve their goals of becoming high quality clinicians. By taking the first step at Crown Vet you are putting yourself on a career path to possibly running your own clinic or specializing in your area of interest.

We encourage you to apply to our HR department.
Please send in your CV or a brief of your self and your contact details to [email protected]